Creating a Sustainable Future....One Jump at a Time


I started this business to share jump rope with the world and have a positive impact on people's lives but it's equally important to me that we help the planet and create a sustainable future too.

This is why we have partnered with Ecolgi to create a Climate Positive Workforce and to help plant trees as part of reforestation projects. We commit to planting a woodland of 500 trees each month.

See our growing forest and impact here.


We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi


Climate Positive Workforce

Even though Dope Ropes is a smaller, owner run business, I still think it is important to recognise the carbon emissions we as individuals generate in our personal and professional lives through emissions from our homes, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more. 

This is why I am offsetting my own carbon footprint and the footprint of others that work with Dope Ropes through funding of CO2 reduction based projects. 


Alongside carbon reduction, reforestation is another major natural climate solution. The planting of trees is crucial for future carbon reduction as well as providing local communities with work and restoring natural habitats and rainfall patterns. The projects funded are focused on restoring, replanting and protecting natural occurring ecosystems as the specifics of where a tree is planted is an important factor.

Check out our page on Ecologi where you can see the Dope Ropes Jump Rope Community Forest as well as more details about the tree planting and carbon reduction projects and the impact they have. 


Products and Packaging

The nature of e-commerce brings an inherent danger of overuse of single use plastics which are having a damaging effect on the environment. 

We are taking steps to remove as much single use plastic as possible in our supply chain, see below for our goals and commitments:

- Jump ropes are inevitably made of plastics, however, we use the highest quality materials to make sure our products last to reduce the need of replacements and wastage.  This is why our ropes have unbreakable handles and shatterproof beads, this reduces the need to replace components which in turn reduces wastage. 

 - We don’t repackage our product from the manufacturer to avoid wasting two sets of single use packaging.  In the future, we are planning to transition to biodegradable inner and outer packaging for our ropes. This means that wherever the packaging ends up, it won't cause a lasting impact on the environment. 

- We don’t print instructions with our ropes, instead we direct people to our website so that they can find everything they need to get started. 

- We want to find ways to recycle ropes, cords and other materials we use and we want suggestions from you to help us in this area. So if you have any ideas please email me at jump@doperopes.co.uk 


On a personal level I lead a majority plant based diet and I am conscious about wastage and the things I use and consume.  I am continuing to make changes to my personal choices to help improve our relationship with the environment. 

If you have any questions or suggestions on sustainability, we would love to hear from you so please feel free to get in touch. 

Lets create a sustainable future, one jump at a time

Keon (founder @dope_ropes)