The Fundamentals of Skipping

The real key to jump rope progress is practice, practice, and more practice!

However, adopting proper form from the onset will make your jump rope journey more enjoyable and you’ll progress much faster. We recommend focusing on 2 core fundamentals…

1) The first thing to remember is to jump lightly on the balls of both your feet simultaneously. Jump only a couple of inches off the ground, just enough to let the rope pass under you.

2) The second fundamental is proper arm form. You should set your elbows slightly back, have your hands close to your torso, palms facing outwards and grip the handles so they are parallel to the floor. Then, with this arm and hand positioning rotate the rope around you by moving the cables in a small circular motion. You should not have to engage your entire arms and shoulders, everything should stay quite tight and strong and make sure you are rotating those wrists!

Check out the video where we demonstrate these 2 fundamentals!