1.3lb Heavy Muay Thai Rope 2.0
1.3lb Heavy Muay Thai Rope 2.0
1.3lb Heavy Muay Thai Rope 2.0

1.3lb Heavy Muay Thai Rope 2.0

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Thick 1.3-pound jump rope (circa 500g) for adding heavy resistance to your jump rope workouts.

NEW upgraded handles include dual-ball bearings for smoother spin. This also fixes an issue with the cord rubbing and wearing at the handle.

Why this rope? If you want a quicker cardio workout and a heavier burn in your shoulders and forearms. You will definitely feel the burn using this rope for even short amounts of time.

Product Details:

  • 12mm diameter hollow core PVC rope
  • Industrial grade 4.75" long dual-ball bearing handles (rope is secured in handle with a metal bolt).
  • Dual ball bearings in handles improve spin and eliminate PVC wear at handle.
  • Produced by Elite SRS


  • 8ft: recommended for heights 5'10" and under
  • 9ft: recommended for heights  5'10" - 6'5"
  • 10ft: recommended for heights 6'5" and taller

Note - These ropes are not adjustable. The above recommendations are only estimates to cover a multitude of heights and body types. If you are experienced and have good form with your elbows back and have your hands close to your hips, then you will likely benefit from going down in size if you are in and around a height boundary. Beginners may want more room for error but this will potentially lead to overly long ropes and thus impact form if there is too much excess rope. Please also consider measuring your current rope (if you have one) to gauge the most appropriate length as some individuals have their own personal needs and preferences with length. I talk more about my own sizing beliefs and principles more here - please refer to this before ordering. 

Please also be aware, the 1.3lb weight is the weight of the 9ft with handles - the weight is different for different lengths.  See weights below (incl handles):

8ft - 1.1lbs
9ft - 1.3lbs
10ft - 1.5lbs

This rope is therefore similar to a 1lb rope in context of the wider jump rope market.

Use for:

  • Quicker cardio workouts
  • Build forearm and hand strength
  • Engaging should/arm/core/back muscles that don't normally get a workout while jumping rope
  • Improving single under and double under strength and endurance in shoulders

⚠️ Jump ropes can and will sting on impact! Use at your own risk ⚠️ 

Make sure to check out our instructions and care page and beginners guide before you start using your rope

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

I use this rope almost everyday, genuinely changed my warmups and my skipping improved massively


Great product. Will give you a monster workout.

Adam Stanton

I purchased these ropes to use at a final event in a CrossFit competition to test the athletes.
Was perfect! Great challenge and separated the field.
We now use these routinely in our fitness training for a much harder aerobic and shoulder workout to regular skipping

Rod Lomas

Fast delivery, quality product

Nice Rope

Good Grip and a lot of fun while jumping :D

I like ist and would recommend it to people searching for an Heavy rope